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The 2022 Night of Artists/ NOA Artwalk Entertainment

Gary Martin Blues Band

Gary Martin was born in Cook County, Chicago, Illinois the son of Jurline Martin, a singer songwriter. His home in Chicago’s West Side was filled with music and musicians and from his early memories where many Chicago’s blues icons would drop in, telling stories, and encouraging and teaching this young protégé the blues. (see Blues and Jazz Legendary Links) Among these musicians was his uncle Hubert Sumlin who would teach note for note many of the songs he performed with Howlin Wolf.


CHANCE C is for... Characters H is for... Harmony A is for... Apple of course! N is for... New Costumes C is for... Costumes Galore! E is for... Entertaining ! Is for... Expressing excitement, astonishment, surprise, or any other emotion We are friends who are like sisters...and we love to sing!

Natalie B

Natalie B I offer music; blues, jazz, funk, folk, whatever comes to mind; to entertain and stimulate. :) I offer workshops, that empower and create hope. I offer classes to grow knowledge and create skills. I offer product created out of the old to cherish and recycle. I offer stories to take you to new places and ideas.

John  Spearn

John SPEARN True Canadiana: Folk-rootsy, multiple-award nominated songworks… deep-rooted in our history…have taken John to perform at major festivals on the shores of all three of Canada’s oceans, and countless places in-between. A longtime favourite: With a growing list of popular venues, festivals, celebrations, and Heritage

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