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Tulips, Garden Table

Artist Name: Carmella Haykowsky Title: Tulips, Garden Table Medium: Oil on Canvas Dimensions: 12" x 12" Price: $300 Instagram: @Carmellalabella Facebook: Carmella Haykowsky on FB Website: not ready yet!

Moody Owls

Artist Name: Shawn Olander  Title: Moody owls Medium: Clay Dimensions: various  Price: starting at $20 Instagram: sno.bears Facebook: Shawn Olander

August Sunset

Artist Name: Justina Smith Title: August Sunset Medium: mixed media on canvas Dimensions: 16” x 16" Price: $580 + GST Instagram: justinabsmith Facebook: Justina Smith Website:

”Days ahead”

Artist Name:Siva K Hanson Title:”Days ahead” Medium:Acrylic Paint Dimensions:30”x48” Price:$1080  Instagram: sivakhanson Facebook:  Website:


Artist Name: Nozomi Kamei Title: Codes Medium: Photography, framed Dimensions: 41x30.5" including the frame Price:$640 Instagram: @njk_new_dimensions ( Facebook:  Website:

"Inner Authority"

Keri Haskell "Inner Authority" Acrylic on birch board 10" x 10"  $120.00 Instagram: Facebook: Website:

What’s Next

Artist Name:Beverly Oliwa, Creative Fire Studio Title: What’s Next  Medium: Paverpol sculpture  Dimensions: 14x12x10 Price:$225.00 Instagram: BLOliwa Facebook:  Website:

“Love to See More of You”

Artist Name: JAEL ROZNICKI Title: “Love to See More of You” Medium: oil on canvas Dimensions:   36 x 36 x1.5 : Price: 1620.00 Instagram @jaelroznicki_art.    Facebook: jaelroznicki_art Websit

Drops of Gold

Artist Name: Daniela Bahry Title: Drops of Gold Medium: Oil on Gallery Canvas Framed Dimensions: 24" width X 24" height Price: $1000.00 Instagram: Facebook: Website:


Artist Name: BEX Art Title: Grim Medium: Acrylic & epoxy resin Dimensions: 24x36 “ Price: $700 Instagram: bexart.yeg Facebook: Becca Noel Website:

Motley Crow

Artist Name: Kay McCormack Title: Motley Crow Medium: Indian Soapstone Dimensions:approx. 9"Hx5Wx5D Price:$425. Instagram: kay_mccormackartwork Facebook: KayMcCormackArtwork Website:

Painting the Roses Red

Artist Name: Sheri Cass Art Title: Painting the Roses Red Medium: Acrylic paint/shimmer paint Dimensions: 16”x20” Price: $275.00 Instagram: Facebook: n/a Website:

Ring-necked Pheasant

Artist Name: Julie Dalsin Title: Ring-necked Pheasant Medium: watercolor on cotton paper Dimensions: 8x10" Price: $80 Instagram: Facebook: @palettetopaperyeg Website:

Hope the Spring Comes to Your Heart

Artist Name: Eunju Park (JuJu) Title: Hope the Spring Comes to Your Heart  Medium: Hanji(Korean traditional paper) on canvas  Dimensions: 24x24" Price: $320 Instagram: Facebook: Website: N/A

Ruminating 2022

Artist Name: Josh Harnack Title: Ruminating 2022 Medium: Mixed Media Dimensions: 26” Round Price: $1980.00 Instagram: @harnackart Facebook: Harnack Art Website:

Mountain Wildflowers

Jerry Heine (Heine Art Group) Mountain Wildflowers watercolour 22x30” $1200 Facebook: Heine Art Group website:

Good Mornin'

Artist Name: Sheila Anderson Title:  Good Mornin' Medium: Acrylic Paint on Birch Board Dimensions:  10 x10  Price:  $180 Instagram: @sheilatattoos  Facebook: none  Website: none

Red Breasted Nuthatch

Artist Name: Harry Abbink Title: Red Breasted Nuthatch Medium: Acrylic on Canvas Dimensions: 8 X 10 inches Price: $225 Instagram: Facebook: Website:

Woodland Walk

Artist: Suzan Berwald Title: Woodland Walk Medium: Acrylic Dimensions: 12 x 12 Price: 150 Instagram: Facebook: suzan.berwald.9 Website:

"Shine On You Crazy

Artist Name: Suzanne Foss Title: "Shine On You Crazy Diamond" by Pink Floyd Medium: Pen and ink and watercolour pencil Dimensions: 20"x15" Price: $400 Instagram: @suzannefossart Facebook: @suzannefossart Website:

"Power Up"

Artist Name: Mars Art Title: "Power Up" Medium: Acrylic on Canvas Dimensions: 9" x 12" Price: $250 Instagram: @_MarsArt_ Facebook: N/A Website:

Sky Goer

Artist Name: Herself Title: Sky Goer Medium: Oil on canvas, printed on matte art rag Dimensions: 42 cm x 42 cm Price: 100$ Instagram: herself_art Facebook:  Website: Patreon -

Needle Nose

Artist Name: jared Robinson Title: Needle Nose  Medium: acrylic  Dimensions: 30x30”  Price: original sold, prints $30 Instagram: @jaredrobinsonart Facebook: jared robinson art  Website:


Artist Name: Kimberly Pring Title: “Wintertide” Medium: Acrylic on Canvas Dimensions: 18X24” Price: $180 Instagram: @kjpringart Facebook: N/A Website:


Artist Name: Marke Henteleff (Black Duck Pottery) Title: Firenza Medium: ceramics Dimensions: height 1.2m Price: $300 Instagram: --- Facebook: Website: ---

Fresh Edmonton

Artist Name:  Leanne Schnierer Title:  Fresh Edmonton Medium:  Print on Canvas Dimensions:  12” x 30” Price:  $275 Instagram: instagram@leannesfineart Facebook: facebook@LeannesFineArt Website:


Artist Name: The Society of Western Canadian Artists Title: Our Logo Facebook: Society of Western Canadian Artists Website:

‘Rainbow Forest’

Nikolette Jones ‘Rainbow Forest’ Acrylic 2’x3’ $250 @nikolette.jones

The Light Never Dies

Artist Name: Stephanie Lane - Abstract Underground Studio Title: The Light Never Dies Medium: Acrylics on Yupo, unframed Dimensions: 9x12 Price: $125 Instagram: absunderground Facebook: Abstract Underground Studio - Stephanie Lane Fine Art Website:

Fleeting Moments

Artist Name: Svetlana Okovacki Title: Fleeting Moments Medium: Acrylics Dimensions: 12 in by 16 in Price: $115.00 Instagram: @truepower_art Facebook: Art of Painting by Svetlana O. Website: N/A


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Darrell Pydde

Prairie Cedar Creations- Darrell Pydde Website address. Contact:(email or phone) 780-387-8330 TITLE OF ART PIECE: Clamwood and Glass Table Medium: Wood and Glass Dimensions: 13" w x 45" l x 30" h


Igor Postash “Melody of my Life” 24x18 acrylic on canvas

Hilda Valdes

Hilda Valdes Website address: NA Facebook: Hilda Valdes. Contemporary Artist Instagram: valdespainter Contact: Phone: (403) 505-6523 TITLE OF ART PIECE: REFLECTIONS Medium: Oil on canvas Dimensions: 16 x 20 Price (optional) $480


Erinn Evans Swan Encaustic on birch board panel 12"x16"

Your Blues

ARTIST NAME: Beth Pederson Website address Instagram @cbethpedersonart Contact:(email or phone) 780-599-0074 TITLE OF ART PIECE: Your Blues Medium: oil on canvas Dimensions: 24 inches x 24 inches

Burning Burdens

ARTIST NAME: Oksana Zhelisko Website address : Contact: 780 271 7145 TITLE OF ART PIECE: “ Burning Burdens “ Medium: Oil on canvas Dimensions: 20”x30” Price : $ 1980

Buena Vista

ARTIST NAME: Trent Leach Website address Contact:(email or phone) TITLE OF ART PIECE: Buena Vista Medium: Steel and stone Dimensions: 16” w x 62” h

"It Can Be Scary Sometimes"

Artist Name: Álvaro Luís Arcé Title: "It Can Be Scary Sometimes" Medium: MIxed Media Dimensions: 16" X 20" Price: $550.00. Instagram: @alvaroluisafineart Facebook: Alvaro Luis A - Fine Art

Not Just a Pretty Face

NAME: CLAUDETTE MACLEAN: weBSITE: EMAIL: PHONE: 780-235-0340 TITLE OF ART PIECE: Not Just a Pretty Face Medium: Mixed Media Dimensions: 6" X 8"

Carla Bate

Carla Bate Twitter: @car_bate Instagram: Contact: TITLE OF ART PIECE: "Keyhole" Medium: Watercolour & Acrylic on canvas Dimensions: 30" x 40" Price $800

Golden Lilies

ARTIST NAME: Tracy Aguilar Website address: Contact:(email or phone): 780-722-2706; TITLE OF ART PIECE: Golden Lilies Medium: Acrylic and gold leaf on a gallery wood panel Dimensions: 20" x 20" Price (optional)

Prairie Storm

ARTIST NAME: Catherine Stevenson Hockenhull WEBSITE: INSTAGRAM: @hockson_studio CONTACT: TITLE OF ART PIECE: Prairie Storm MEDIUM: Acrylic on Canvas Board SIZE: 8"x8"

Blushing Gold

ARTIST NAME: Megan Pederson Website address: Email: TITLE OF ART PIECE: Blushing Gold Medium: Mixed Medium Dimensions: 3ft round

Layers of Life Variation

ARTIST NAME: Angela Stadlwieser Website address: Contact: TITLE OF ART PIECE: Layers of life variation Medium: Acrylic on canvas Dimensions: 36X48 inches


Artist Name: Dilys Kulchitsky Title: Magnolia Medium: Encaustic, oil stick, copper wire on birch panel Dimensions:10" x12" Price: $350 Instagram: @dilyskulchitsky Facebook: dilys kulchitsky Website:

Eagle Eye

Artist Name: Hayley McCormack  Title: Eagle Eye Medium: Pyrography  Dimensions: 8"x16" Price: $140 Instagram: augustrise91 Facebook: Website:


Victoria Armstrong Website address: Contact: 780 240-1508 TITLE OF ART PIECE: Dawn Rising Medium: Acrylic on canvas Dimensions: 30" x 48"

Hope, Faith and Charity

ARTIST NAME: Julie Kaldenhoven Website address Contact:(email or phone) TITLE OF ART PIECE: Hope, Faith and Charity Medium: Mixed Media on wood panels Dimensions: 12h x 36w Price (optional) $525

"Illumination of Time"

ARTIST NAME: Aaron Anderson Website Address: Contact (email or phone): 780 910 - 3190 TITLE OF ART PIECE: "Illumination of Time" Medium: Stained Glass and Walnut with lighting, 2020 Dimensions: 10.5" x 10.5" x 22 " high Price: Optional:


Sculptors' Association of Alberta

Golden Tamarack

ARTIST NAME: Linda McBain Cuyler Website address: Contact:(email or phone) TITLE OF ART PIECE: Golden Tamarack Medium: Acrylic and machine stitching Dimensions: 5 1/2"w x 8"h Price (optional)

Market Blossoms

Artist: Carmen Gonzalez Email: Instagram: @carmen.gonzalez.artist Website: Title: Market Blossoms Dimensions: 36in x 36in Price: $2,300

Dream Flight

Jani Galarneau "Dream Flight" 24x36 Price: 725. 780 994 9210

Carlton Trail

ARTIST NAME: Alan Anderson Website address Contact:(email or phone) 780 459-5854 TITLE OF ART PIECE: Carlton Trail Medium: Oil on canvas

Heine Art Group

Heine Art Group @heineartgroup Facebook and Instagram CONTACT: TITLE OF ART PIECE: Heine Art Group Collage

Along the Journey

Joyce Boyer Along the Journey Mixed Media 24x12 $375

My Deer

ARTIST NAME: Vicki Myers Website address: Contact:(email or phone) 1-402-821-1407 TITLE OF ART PIECE: My Deer Medium: Felt Painting Dimensions: 5x5 framed Price: $200.

Follow Your Nose

Kevin Bigelow 780-490-9232 Follow Your Nose Acrylic on Canvas 24’ X 24’

The Language of Flowers: Soul Blossom

Artist Name: Kelsey Nowaczynski Baker Title: The Language of Flowers: Soul Blossom Medium: acrylic, resin, birch tondo, molding paste Dimensions: 48 inches Price: 7900 Instagram: @kelseybakerart Facebook:  Website:


Name: Claudette Pelletier-Hannah Website: n/a Instagram: @claudettepelletierhannah Contact: Title: Changing Medium: Acrylic Dimensions: 18x24 inches Price: $320

Sitting Pretty

ARTIST NAME: Darrell Windjack Contact: TITLE OF ART PIECE: Sitting Pretty Medium: Coloured Pencil on paper Dimensions: 14” X 16” Price: Not for Sale


LUISE MENDLER-JOHNSON FB/Instagram: @mendlerjohnsonart SUNDANCE ROAD Acrylic on canvas 12" x 12" $280


Artist Name: Tammy Taylor Website: Contact: ph. 780-967-3981 Title: Focused Medium: oil on canvas Dimensions: 16x20


ARTIST NAME: Linda Finstad Website address Contact:(email or phone) 780 468 9270 TITLE OF ART PIECE: Morning Glory Medium: acrylic Dimensions: 18x24inches Price (optional) $375

Nature’s Bridge

ARTIST NAME: Karen Bishop Website address Contact:(email or phone) 780 932 0095 TITLE OF ART PIECE: Nature’s Bridge Medium: Watercolour on Yupo Dimensions: 12” diameter Price (optional) $360

Arnett, Madeleine

Madeleine Arnett

Escape I

ARTIST NAME: Elana Website address Contact:(email or phone) 780-690-2173 TITLE OF ART PIECE: Escape I Medium: Silk, ink on Japanese paper Dimensions: 15 1/2”x12” Price (optional) $300

Gateway to Paradise

Linda Corbett Linda Corbett Gateway to Paradise Oil on canvas 16 x 20

“With Every Passing Hour”

Meghan MacMillan 780-232-1401 “With Every Passing Hour” Acrylic on canvas 36 x 24” $780


Munro Jewelry Design Tracy Munro 780-966-6150 Sculpted Garnet Ring in sterling silver

Phil Alain

Phil Alain


Dave Hogg

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